The Coleman Law Group attorneys have represented both employees and employers in the protection of their rights under group benefit plans, including health, pension and disability benefits. Our attorneys have represented clients in their efforts to gain access to health benefits for treatment of various forms of cancer, AIDS, physical and mental disabilities, metabolic disorders, organ transplants, and other illnesses. Our knowledge of ERISA has also been utilized in representation of clients facing the non-payment of pension benefits and breach of fiduciary duty issues.

Immediate Need for Medical Treatment

When a client requires immediate medical treatment but is faced with the denial of health benefits, Coleman & Associates attorneys offer the ability to file the requisite pleadings necessary to obtain relief within a time frame which will not compromise the client’s health.

Appealing Denials of Health Benefits

When a client’s request for benefits for a particular treatment is denied, the Coleman Law Group attorneys are equipped to step in and preserve the client’s rights by appealing the denial of coverage within the applicable time frames prescribed by ERISA and the terms of the client’s benefit plan. The firm has handled claims for benefits during the administrative review of the claim. In many instances, the firm is able to secure coverage during the administrative process with the insurance company, thereby eliminating the need to file a lawsuit.

Representation in Litigation

Benefits cannot always be obtained during the appeal process before the insurance company. Our attorneys have experience litigating these issues before state and federal courts across the country. Our aim is to provide adept and cost-effective representation for our clients. Toward this end, our hourly rates and litigation approach are geared towards obtaining not only coverage for the treatment at issue, but also compensation for our client’s legal fees where appropriate.

Attorneys in this Practice Area:
Douglas M. Coleman

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