The Coleman Law Group offers counseling and representation at all levels of the litigation process.

Commercial litigation is a daunting prospect for any business – all the more so if it’s your company that has been sued of if you have been wronged and need to fight for your rights. Years of experience and an enduring dedication to efficient and cost-effective management of litigation makes the Coleman Law Group an ideal choice to represent your business in any litigation or other form of dispute resolution.

General Business Litigation

The Coleman Law Group attorneys offer cost-effective and knowledgeable representation in all manners of civil litigation, including contract disputes, professional liability, liquor liability, construction disputes, civil dishonesty claims, fraud, misrepresentation, as well as defense of personal injury and tort claims.

Appellate Litigation

Sometimes trial decisions or preliminary rulings in a case turn out wrong, and an appeal is required. Our attorneys are experienced in identifying and documenting the complicated legal and factual issues which can be considered by a court of appeals, and in skillfully arguing those appeals before the state and federal courts. We also assist our clients in preparing and filing briefs amicus curiae in order to set before the court a position on issues which affect our clients but in cases where the client is not already a party.

Mediation and Arbitration

Not every dispute ends up in court. Our attorneys have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and both binding and non-binding arbitration. We possess the specials skills which can allow our clients’ position to prevail in a less formal setting, and we know the importance of resolving such disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Attorneys in this Practice Area:
Douglas M. Coleman
Timothy L. Creed
Matthew A. Crist

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