We represent clients in Medical Malpractice claims, either doctors or patients depending upon the circumstances. A common task in our practice is the need to understand and evaluate medical care as documented in medical records. After decades of medically related litigation we are experienced in identifying and interpreting critical data to be found in medical charts.

Medical cases are never merely a matter of repeating some past success. Each case is unique and requires an individual assessment regarding its merits.

Reimbursement Issues. Our attorneys have worked with both individuals and providers to ensure that the proper payment is made for medical services.

Contracting with Managed Care Entities. Negotiation of contracts between providers and health care entities has become increasingly complex in the age of managed care. Our attorneys can assist providers in drafting and negotiating agreements for the provision of medical services and advise them on their potential exposure to liability.

Policy Review and Development. The Coleman Law Group attorneys are available to counsel institutional clients with the goal of preventing liability before the lawsuit occurs. We can assist in the preparation of internal policies and procedures and advise on potential exposure to liability.

Defense of Malpractice Claims. Unfortunately, litigation cannot always be prevented even when the best quality medical care in given. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in defending health care providers that are subject to claims for medical malpractice. Our goal is to provide the best and fastest resolution to these claims.

Disability Claims. Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing clients involved in claims for long and short term disability benefits. We are able to assist clients with the development of administrative records for the full and fair review of claims, so key issues are identified and addressed and so that litigation may not be necessary.

Attorneys in this Practice Area:
Douglas M. Coleman
Timothy L. Creed
Erin T. Gramling

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