The Coleman Law Group has represented and served as counsel to tax-exempt organizations, including trade associations, professional organizations, civic groups, youth mentoring organizations, and other types of charitable entities. We can help your organization with:

  • Formation and tax exemption for new non-profits
  • Revisions of bylaws and changes in governance structure
  • Self-dealing and other insider transactions
  • Corporate mergers and dissolutions
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Structural changes to non-profits and their related entities, including mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions
  • Donor and donation issues and questions
  • Director liability and fiduciary duty
  • Legal and operations reviews and audits
  • Consulting and advising on sponsorships, joint ventures and other special circumstances
  • Contracts with vendors, independent contractors, and other third parties
  • Corporate governance issues and best practices
  • Conflict of interest issues
  • Fundraising issues
  • State and local charitable solicitation registration and compliance issues
  • Unrelated business income issues
  • Executive compensation
Attorneys in this Practice Area:
Douglas M. Coleman

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